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          China Energy United Project Technology Co., Ltd. (CCEUP) headquartered in Beijing, is specialized in providing design, project planning, equipment procurement, engineering project consulting and research service for energy, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, mining, electricity, environmental protection, textiles, Light industry,municipal,machinery, building materials ,medical,school,residential ,building and other industries. We are dedicated to assisting domestic and foreign enterprises to develop domestic and international markets. As a professional advisory service company in

    engineering industry, we have always maintained a professional, international developing direction to follow our principles, which is market-oriented, client satisfaction guaranteed , customer service optimized with which we have won great reputation in this field. At the same time, we have established extensive long-term relations with Development and Reform Commission of all levels around the country, designing institutes for major industries and the purchasing department units. Nationwide industrial &engineering project information has been collected and classified by us to provide comprehensive advisory services. 

          With rich research experiences in the domestic industries and the competency in providing services for large domestic and foreign companies .CCEUP has set up the brand image which includes “professional market research,industry background and value-add services for marketing consulting”.CCEUP stands out from numerous competitors with market-analysis-based prospective strategic positioning and becomes the leader in the information filed of engineering project who provides satisfying and competitive engineering project services

          With “customer first,service first” as our aim,we always put customer demand in the first place,and strive to create excellent enterprises and establish brand image.With continuos recruiting and training of outstanding professionals,we strengthen cooperation with the community and develop a broad market space of customers and our own business    



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